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Some tips of Nepal map that you don’t know

As we all know that Nepal is one of the locations in Overwatch, with lots of room for experimentation.It is a Control map and has three stages: Village, Shrine, and Sanctum. It is also a distinctly forsty affair, and see attacking team and defensing team competing against each other to take charge of a series of control points. Besides, there are lots of rooms for skilled players to shine. Well, let’s look at some tips of this map and the tier list.


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Tier 1 - Lucio, Reinhardt

These popular heroes are used by the majority of teams, the majority of any game. They are always a solid choice.


Tier 2 - D.Va, Mei, Mercy, Zarya

Very strong Heroes that are seen in every match, but they are also regularly swapped in and out (80%-100% pickrate)


Tier 3 - Genji, Junkrat,  McCree, Pharah, Reaper, Roadhog, Soldier 76, Winston

Strong situational Heroes or Heroes that are played regularly, but not in every match due to team composition. Considered 'balanced' (40%-80% pickrate). 


Tier 4 - Symmetra, Tracer

These Heroes are sometimes picked and often considered good, but they require teams to form around them or they’re Heroes that rely heavily on personal ability over composition (20-40% pickrate).


Tier 5 - Bastion, Hanzo, Torbjorn, Widowmaker, Zenyatta

Considered niche, these Heroes are situational or rarely see competitive play (Less than 5% pickrate)


The hero like Symmetra with her turrets, and Junkrat with his bombs, make excellent picks for the team that holds the second objective. Symmetra can plant plenty of traps around the nooks and crannies of the central temple, which should at least complicate an assaulting team. While Junkrat always enjoys lobbing bombs around from a height advantage. Throw his explosives down those staircases to keep the enemy thinking twice about pushing forward.


You might favor Heroes who are able to throw shields around for this part of Nepal, as there's a lot of open space that needs to be held. Clear out the room adjacent to and above the actual control point if you can, as you can expect a lot of firepower to come from this area when you're trying to hold the point.


Do not forget that you can actually knock down enemy hero into the third and final control points around the abyss. There's obviously a major risk that you'll end up joining them if the manoeuvre goes wrong, but characters like Lucio in particular love to shove enemies off the ledge here, and down towards certain doom!


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