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The strategies and tips of Assault mode in Overwatch

Assault mode of Overwatch is a pretty simple mode, which is less complex and competitive compared to the standard Conquest mode. In this article, I will introduce two kinds of tips. One is the attacking tips, another is the defending tips. Well, without further a due, but let's move onto the fine details.


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Assault provides some unique experience that you won't get in other modes, which also makes it a great mode for beginners:

No worrying about the jungle and getting ganked from around a corner

You can't go back to base to buy/heal, so no worrying about timing for that

You don't need to know rotations for mid-harpies, Gold Fury, Fire Giant, etc.

You don't have to ward or hope that others will ward


Try to do your fighting together and do it as long as possible the actual point. Strength in this regard several obvious enough, but it is amazing how many teams make their fragmented when they can be both support each other, to do the work, to take an objective in itself.


Under normal circumstances, you will find that the second point is actually much harder than the first time. For this reason, you get off to a good start, so you do not waste too much time to solve first, relatively easy to point is crucial. As a team working together, stick together as a team, you will greatly increase your chances of getting an early start on the final push.


Once you push through to the second point, it is time to start considering your offensive team in several ways. Is this your flanker can start doing a little bit forward and downward reconnaissance exist on either side of the channel, looking for opportunities off weak goal, to make life easier for their friends who are advancing further back.


Instead, the defense should be extended as far as possible through the first capture point stage, in order to run down the clock, the second stage of the battle more difficult for their opponents. Keep in mind, and you have a long run back to the first control point, therefore, when it comes to push back the attack tribes do not reckless. I know your support, and access to them if you need help.


When you're defending on Assault maps, Symmetra is an often very strong choice of Hero. Her teleporter will keep the troops rushing straight back into battle, while artfully placed turrets will ensure that even the strongest attacking team will have to take pause to deal with the irritating threat they represent! Likewise, a Bastion or Torbjorn can wreck the attacking team and leave them on the backfoot.


For the interests of both sides, where overtime mechanic assault map works. If there is a point of remaining attackers overtime will be triggered. If all the attackers to leave the area or be killed - and overtime meter runs out - then the game is over. If someone gets back on the point before that happens. However, overtime is triggered again.


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