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The tips of Hanamura map in Overwatch

There are many interesting maps in Overwatch. Hanamura,is a point capture Overwatch map located in Japan. And it provides an exceptional challenge for attacking heroes. That is also the homeland of Hanzo and Genji. What's more, momentun is the key for defending team and attacking team when playing on Hanamura.By the way, this map takes place during the fall.


1: Watch The Corners

Recommended Heroes: Junkrat, Hanzo, Widowmaker, Genji, Reinhardt, Mei

Experienced team will establish on the corners. Anything can be set up there, such as Junkrat traps, Widowmaker traps and Bastion and Torbjorn turrets. The rockets of Pharah can take these nests out at a safe distance. Genji can temporarily reflect incoming damage back to the dealer, while Reinhardt and Mei can render these nests useless with their ults.Junkrat can drive out these nests, and Hanzo or Widowmaker can make you realize where enemies have set up as well.

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2: Do not let people into the side rooms

Recommended Heroes: Symmetra, Bastion, Torbjorn, Reinhardt, Winston

Setting up in a side room shuts off alternative paths to the objective. This will limit the attacking team to flight and those who can scale walls. The main door to Objective A is an excellent choke point and turrets shine here. This makes Symmetra, Bastion and Torbjorn more useful if the side rooms are sealed. Symmetra turrets in an enclosed area are especially deadly. Winston can put up his barrier around these turrets to protect them, and Reinhardt can also use his shield as well.


3: Do not overextend

Recommended Heroes: Reinhardt, Bastion, Symmetra, Torbjorn, Junkrat, Lucio

Similar to the observation point: Gibraltar, overextending can cost you if the attacking team is experienced. An old saying goes: never underestimate your opponent which is especially true in this game, and the team should be set up in the choke. While any hero may be able to use any, but may benefit from the defending team have air power and attack power, consolidation of a strong, tortoise-like defense. Defense establishment bottleneck effect when healing Lucio area can be greatly beneficial.


4: Turtle strategies

If you've been forced to defend object B, a common reaction is to try to turtle. Time is on your side, and let the people from the target is your main task. It may be advantageous to use two or Torbjorn’s shieldedby Reinhardt protection shield. Mercy’s damage increase can prove useful to Bastion, wiping her brow and even offensive team or capture it on ULT interfere with their objective.


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