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WoW Classic Season of Mastery name reservations will be restricted to just one character per account

As the beta for WoW Classic’s fresh start “Season of Mastery” servers has come to a close, players looking to go through the classic journey from the very beginning are closer than ever to the start. In fact, name reservations for the eight servers — located in U.S. West, U.S. East, and Australia — are going live on Thursday. Players can reserve a single character name per account to use on one of these shards.

Season of Mastery name reservation begins on the 11th of November at 6:00 pm PST or 21:00 CET, where players can begin saving their names before the release of the game on November 16th.

Unlike World of Warcraft Classic name reservations, Season of Mastery name reservations will be restricted to just one character per account. At that time, you’ll also need to select the server you’d like for that character.

If you’re participating, once you select World of Warcraft Classic in the launcher, check the seasonal tab in the realm selector. Know that you’re only able to create one character per World of Warcraft account on any server in your region. If you want to change anything about that character, you’ll have to delete it and create a new one. These restrictions are only temporary for the launch though.

As players can only create one character per account during the name reservation period, if they change their mind they can simply delete that character and create it again on the new desired realm, but be quick or the name may get taken.

In this period between beta and launch, the dev team also took the opportunity to defend its design decisions for the Season of Mastery. Some of the more notable (and controversial) calls included making Tier 0.5 sets available at launch, not making any major patch changes, and increasing the rate of PvP honor rank-ups. Some proposed raid adjustments are still in flux as the team continues to evaluate them.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that players will only be able to reserve a name for one character on their account. Of course, you’ll just go ahead and create your character at the same time, so it’s also important to keep in mind that if you decide you don’t like something about it, you’ll have to delete the character in question and start over. (Might just be a really good idea to make sure you’re happy before saving, so you don’t end up risking losing the name to someone else.)

The opportunity to reserve a name will last from Nov. 11 until the launch of the game. Players will be able to start reserving their preferred names at 8pm CT.

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